Grant application is closed.
IAU Grant notification letters have been e-mailed
by the IAU Assistant General Secretary to the recipients
on the 7th of March 2014.


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For those who received a grant and decide to accept it: Please register, but do not pay everything: the registration fees, the lodging (if it is the student lodging house), the Gala dinner and the visit of Brussels (if chosen) must be DEDUCED from your grant. You only have to pay the complement.

    Grant details

    « IAU Grants are intended to cover in part expenses associated with attendance of participants at the Symposium. The IAU wishes to support qualified scientists to whom only limited means of support are available, e.g., colleagues from economically less privileged countries and young scientists. An IAU Grant should be the seed money in ensuring the participation of a selected beneficiary, including participants with young children, rather than adding comfort for colleagues whose attendance is already assured. In addition, a reasonable gender and geographical distribution is expected in the IAU Grant distribution proposal. Normally, no more than 1/3 of the IAU Grant funds for a Symposium should be allocated to a single country. »

    The candidate can apply for a grant covering:

    • Registration fees (300€),
    • Participation to his travel fees (with an expected amount indicated by the candidate)
    • Accomodation in a hotel or the student lodging house

    Selection of more than one choice is authorized.

    Deadline for grant application is the 15th of January 2014.