IAU-Symposium: Complex Planetary Systems
07-11 July 2014, Namur, Belgium

All the planetary systems, from the Earth-Moon system to the extrasolar ones, are complex systems, requiring several levels of expertise and of interdisciplinarity to be clearly understood. The symposium aims to bring forward the latest findings obtained in that perspective and to generate new collaborations for the future. Any astronomer involved in planetary systems, at any level, is invited to participate to the meeting and to propose its own expertise in future complex challenges.

Key topics of the symposium:

  • The Solar System: formation, migration, models
  • The formation of extrasolar systems: tides, dissipation, resonances
  • The dynamics of exoplanets: rotational and orbital motions
  • The rotation models and internal structure of planets and satellites
  • The giant planets systems: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
  • The Earth-Moon system: formation, satellites and debris
  • The small bodies system: evolution and history
  • The dynamics of asteroids: rotation, binary, satellites
  • The complex algorithms and tools



    A. Lemaitre (chair), C. Beaugé, A. Celletti, V. Dehant, Z. Knezevic (editor of the proceedings), J. Laskar, A. Milani, A. Morbidelli, D. Nesvorny, D. Scheeres, K. Tsiganis


    A.-S. Libert (chair), T. Carletti, D. Casanova, A. Compère, A. Lemaitre, Ch. Lhotka, B. Noyelles, A. Petit, M. Sansottera, S. Sotiriadis, A. Vienne

The poster of the Symposium can be downloaded here.

Latest News !

Picture of the Symposium

All the pictures of the Symposium are available here.

3 poster prizes for young researchers.
Jury : D. Scheeres, D. Hestroffer and M. Yseboodt.
Rules and conditions : to be communicated soon.

Social events: Please select your activity and Gala menu.

The scientific program is available here.

Bus transfers from Brussels Airport will be organized by the Symposium (on Sunday 5PM and 9PM, Friday 6PM and Saturday 8AM). Please reserve your place in the bus here .


Important dates

Registration opening:
  • 1st November 2013
Deadline for grant application:
  • 15th January 2014
Deadline for abstract submission:
  • 31st January 2014
Notification of abstract acceptance:
  • 1st March 2014
Deadline for early registration:
  • 1st May 2014
Online submission for proceedings:
  • 15th July - 15th September 2014
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